Huimin was born in the small city-nation of Singapore to an average family. In her growing years, apart from a few heartbreaks, two surgeries on her knee, almost going blind in one eye, and failing a few modules in university, life was pretty uneventful.

That is, until an event in December 2008 which made her question if there is, and could be, more to life. She grew restless, and started seeking for more, not knowing where this search will lead her. 2009 was a pivotal year of learning and collecting, much of her savings and income were spent, or rather, invested, in personal and interpersonal growth. It was a year of trial-and-error, a year of discovery and breakthroughs. A crash course! It was also the year where she learnt to develop herself physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond. In mid-2010, without much financial resources, she quit her job and began crafting a path to fulfilling her dream.

Along the way, there have been many valuable friends, new friends, and family who have walked alongside her, supporting each other even as they are pursuing their own dreams and goals, making a difference to this world.

Today, she is living her dream. Every day of living is filled with new experiences, learning, encounters, challenges, growth, people, insights and smiles. Bigger dreams have since been set, new targets to achieve, changes to be made. Just like this blog, it will be a journey of calibration – highways, bends, U-turns, rest stops.

Why this blog?
An introduction by Huimin

First of all… Welcome!

Many readers of my writings have expressed appreciation of them, and I have been repeatedly asked to start this. Being technically unsavvy, I have held back. This is also when I realized that much of our procrastination is due to inertia from approaching the unknown. I have since decided that the cost of not acting is much higher than that of doing it imperfectly,
so here it is.

My wish is to share my learning and journeys with you as I experience them, real-time. This platform is my humble attempt in doing that. I hope that it will add value to you, your work, and your relationships.

See you around, and enjoy!