Celebrating a milestone of Manli and Yin

11 days ago, He gathered up his courage and popped the question, ring in hand. And She said yes 🙂

As she recounted the moment to me over dinner yesterday, I couldn’t help laughing at how it turned out. It must have been one of the most inappropriate moments for a marriage proposal but it worked out anyway. Good for you, Yin!

It was really special to receive the news and to be told that I had a humble part in this outcome. A few months ago, he approached me as part of an independent project that I was running, Project Story and Project Happiness, where he shared the challenges that he was facing in their relationship. We spoke for just one hour and he left feeling empowered. Weeks later, they came to me with some really lovely feedback.

“‎Hui Min helped us to think deeper about our relationship, and how to make the communication between us more efficient. Since the talk, it is much more easy for me and my boyfriend to solve the problem and understand each other. Thank you so much, Hui Min, I hope more people could benefit from Hui min’s project.”

“You showed me many valuable ideas of how to make conversation and relationship in a sustainable way”

I am deeply honored, Manli and Yin, and I am celebrating your happiness with you. Best wishes to your other upcoming milestones and the space in between!

Hui Min


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