Boxing Day special 1/2: A soulful afternoon

At 2.30pm today, I put down my work and took my bicycle out sunset-chasing. It was a beautiful day – sunny and bright; abnormally warm and snowless for this time of the year. I had not imagined that my bicycle would leave the storage any time before late spring or summer, and I felt secretly excited to be able to bring it out to play again.

Ducks swimming on land; man walking on water

I spent a few minutes admiring the beach and watching other passersby admire the same. Many of them were doing the same as I, taking pictures of the beauty. The tide has risen much since summer and autumn, and part of the wooden platform leading out to the sea has been submerged. I watched in amusement as a flock of ducks approached one side of the platform, lifted their skirts and waddled across the wood, then happily sat back onto the water surface and continued swimming. Satisfied, I hopped back onto my bicycle which had toppled under the strong winds and continued west towards my favourite stretch – a gravel path that is wrapped by the Baltic sea on one side and lined by cosy, inviting houses on another.

A small surprise greeted me shortly after. The sea had somehow managed to make its way up the banks and extended itself to reach the lawn of the houses, submerging a few metres of the pathway. I watched as people climbed onto the lawns to get to the other side, looked at my non-waterproof track shoes, and decided to settle myself here, enjoy the sunset and people-watch.

It was so serene, people were out with their dogs, their spouse, or their families. As a family approached and climbed onto the lawn of one of the houses, an elderly lady appeared at the balcony of the second floor, leaned over the railings Rapunzel-style, waved at the family, and shouted excitedly “Hyvää joulua!” Ah, the joy of Christmas reunions!

I sat down in front of a gorgeous house and decided, “One day, I will live in a place like this”. It was especially breathtaking to see the colours of sunset reflect off the large glass windows, and the swing hanging lazily on the lawn. I fantasized about living in a home like this with people I love, making time each day to walk along the sea, enjoy the peace, and chat with the neighbours. I thought about the work that I will be doing, and wondered, “How can I get paid to do what I love?” I imagined having a large room in my house specially designed for conducting trainings and coaching sessions. How wonderful that would be! The venue itself would be an additional draw for clients and friends, as they would feel the warmth, peacefulness and space every time they come by, and the space itself has a magic that will facilitate whatever learning, growth and transformation that they have come for.

Imagine... this is the garden of your house

It seemed like a long time had passed that I sat there indulging in my fantasies. I suddenly caught a movement from the corner of my eye and turned to see…

[…to be continued! Stay tuned for Boxing Day special 2/2: Lessons from the CTO of a top Finnish company]


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