Pause. Today.

“What?! Today is Monday. It is the day when we are all supposed to pick up the pace and get back into action. The weekend dream is over, that is why they call it the Monday Blues. And you are asking me to… pause?”

Yes. Precisely because it is Monday, the day when we are most likely to tumble into another week of routine and mindlessness, that I am suggesting for all of us to pause, today.

Sometime between now until you go to bed at night, find a quiet place and time where you can trust that you will not be disturbed, and just sit with yourself for a moment.

Too often, we let Today be just like any other day.
Too often, we are so busy with stuff, that we do not realize how insignificant some of them are.
Too often, we do not know what we are doing, and why we are doing them for.
Too often, we value things over people, and get upset at people over things.
Too often, we invest in things that don’t last, and turn our backs to those that do.
Too often, we chase after things which, ironically, bring us only temporary or little satisfaction when they are in our hands.
Too often, we make (new year) resolutions that are not what we truly want.
Too often, we stay small and comfortable, unwilling to challenge the status quo.
Too often, we put on a smile for the world, yet the dissatisfaction creeps in when we are alone.
Too often, we fail to notice that the world is passing us by, and that our time is passing the world by.
Too often, we take for granted that there will be a Tomorrow.
By the way, how do you know for sure?

Too seldom, we breathe in the magic of the morning.
Too seldom, we see how the mere fact that many things around us are in existence is a miracle.
Too seldom, we question what we do, and why we are doing them.
Too seldom, we say ‘hello’ to the stranger that passes us by. Is he really a stranger?
Too seldom, we notice that the environment around us has changed, and still is changing.
Too seldom, we notice that there are a few more lines on the faces of our loved ones.
Too seldom, we work with purpose.
Too seldom, we dance, we laugh, we sing.
Too seldom, we step into our magnificence and brilliance, leaving mediocrity only for Yesterday.
Too seldom, we look our fears and emotions squarely in the face, listening to what they have to tell us.
Too seldom, we put aside time only for ourselves, and no one else.
Too seldom, we are silent, really silent enough, to hear our soul’s voice.
Too seldom, we live Today.

What is your bigger role in this world? Who are you meant to be?

Are you becoming that person?


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