Thank God for the rain!

I had just reached home and was very pleased to see that the weather is good this evening! It has been rainy and grey the last few days up till this afternoon, and I was already making plans to buy a pair of rubber boots. Seeing how the weather here changes like the woman’s shoes, I didn’t want to miss this window of sun and clear skies, so I hastily packed my dinner, put on a warm and rainproof jacket, and headed out to the sea 1.5km away, determined to have a nice dinner outdoors. I took my colleague very seriously when he jokingly said today that the Finnish weather changes every 5 minutes!

At Matinkyla beach, I settled down on a rock facing the Baltic Sea, and allowed myself to soak in the evening beauty in front of my eyes. I found myself suddenly immensely grateful for everything – the magazine papers keeping my butt dry from the damp rocks, the healing sound of the waves stroking the shore, and the rain which has taught me to appreciate the sun and colours. My dinner was simple, salad and bread, but it was one of the most delicious I have ever had. Honestly! It’s amazing how powerful Gratitude and Appreciation can be. Without experiencing one end of the spectrum, how can we truly appreciate the other?

I have been longing to reconnect with nature and the elements, and now, it feels as if they had all conspired to bring me out of the four walls, and to show me that we can always create moments like this, anytime we want.

It seems like I am not the only one who is out to play. The birds are chirping above me, an old couple strolls by hand-in-hand, a man walks by with his poles*, a lady cycles past and stops to admire the sea, and a boat sails into my vision in the horizon.

Sunset over Matinkyla Beach

A most delicious dinner!

After having my fill of the sea, I stood up to go as it was getting really cold. The peace of the evening was interrupted by a loud splash to my left. I turned to see that someone had stripped and jumped off the deck into the sea. Well… never too cold for a swim I guess!

*Nordic walking (wikipedia): fitness walking with specially designed poles similar to ski poles.


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