Want Satisfaction? Be a midwife.

This post is dedicated to a plant which has brought me much joy and satisfaction, but not to worry, it is more than that 😉

Notice the burst of colours in the header of this blog? They are the celebrity flowers sitting right on my windowsill, and by now, they look quite different than a few weeks ago when that picture was taken.

For example, this queen with a magnificent crown that you see on the left, it did not exist then. It has pretty much been created out of nothing.

The plant has also undergone some deadheading*. The biggest bloom that you see in the header is no longer around.

*deadheading (gardening term) = removing faded or dead flowers from plants.


I came home today from a grey day – rainy, gloomy, and a draining communication with friends. My spirits took a 180 deg turn upon seeing the new life that has appeared overnight (below left), and the bud which it will soon grow to become (below right).









It felt absurd how a plant can make my day, but it truly did. The “feeling good” was a mixture of the following:

  • Joy at receiving a surprise.
  • Satisfaction at seeing the fruits of my labour, though there was not much which I needed to do.
  • Honour in having played a part in the creation of a new life – I have been a midwife!

I did not create the new life; I merely supported the environment for its spontaneous creation and facilitated its delivery and development. That, is the essence of being a midwife, or mid-husband if you prefer to call it. And that is deeply gratifying!

What new life have you mid-wived before which gave you that satisfaction? An idea that blossomed into a successful project? A wayward student turned wise leader? A physical, real baby?

How can we create more of that, every single day?


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