What will get you smiling through the day?

The first word that came out of my mouth today was “sh*t”.

It was one of those days when you wake up to the light coming through the window and realise that you are late for an important event at work. Not a very good start. I spent much of the day swinging between berating myself internally for this, and trying to move on from the mistake to be fully present to my work and the people I interact with. The event finally ended successfully to a toast of champagne, and I took the chance to reach closure with my team mates about the morning’s incident. Everything was fine after all.

source: Kelley Bard Photography

As I made my way home, I passed an elderly lady who was sitting alone on a bench. A smile and a greeting were exchanged and I continued on my way. A few metres away, I stopped. I looked at the colourful bunch of flowers (and leaves) which I had brought from the event and a thought came to me. Pulling out an orange stalk of flower, I walked back to the lady, handed it to her and simply said “for you”.

Her face burst into a myriad of expressions! It went from surprise, to realisation, to joy, and a whole lot more unidentified ones. The most beautiful and youthful smile lit up her face, and she started speaking excitedly in Finnish, to which I could only smile and reply in English that I do not know the language. She hugged the flower close to her heart, and continued with what sounded like a selection of key words. All I could pick out was “kiitos… kiitos…” and “rakas”. She was in so much joy she looked close to tears. I walked away with a huge grin that couldn’t be contained, and suddenly, it seemed that the day has only just begun, for real.

The one thing that got me smiling even until now, is a simple act of kindness.

I do not know how the lady is feeling now, but as a giver of that act, and a recipient of that pure joy and radiance, I have definitely been deeply touched and inspired.

Somehow, it is seeding another thought in me – how possible is it, that we can inspire ourselves? That we can spontaneously create situations which fuel us and give us energy?

Finally, thank you, Iunia, Boca, and Silviu for having been an inspiration with your story The lady with the flowers and the rainbow train. You are creating ripples!


3 thoughts on “What will get you smiling through the day?

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    • You are such a pure soul my dear sister, for the beauty to be able to touch you. Don’t be sore! Exercise those ‘missing’ muscles more and you’ll be just fine 😉 Hugs!

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