A life born.

Dear you,

I have finally given birth!

To this writing and sharing space.
The pregnancy of this intention has been way too long. This being my first birth, coupled with obstinacy in wanting the baby to turn out perfect, they soon became skillfully disguised as complications which were sufficient to freeze me into inaction.

What will this blog be about?

I do not have an answer for you, because I do not know. I didn’t even know what to start writing on. What I do know, though, is that I am going to fill in the blanks, however improvisational or inexact it might feel. The empty, undefined spaces are the best places to create ourselves anew, to express ourselves out of. There is no ideal moment or idea, this is as good as it gets!

What to expect

  • Mostly short posts. Both you and I are busy people and have short attention spans.
  • An insightful journey. You will be growing with me as I gain valuable lessons on this journey.
  • Mistakes and changes. In any form. They are the best teachers to learn from!
  • Me. As much as this space is meant for sharing thoughts and experiences with you, it is very much an avenue for self-expression and for documenting of personal growth.

Till you next hear from me, be well, enjoy the beauty around you, and may you find fulfillment through standing by excellence in all that you do.
Live a good life.

Hui Min


2 thoughts on “Birth!

  1. i’m first! haha, btw u should go get a message board (not sure if wordpress has it automatically) and put it on ur blog so pple can just leave short messages easily 🙂


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